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Redo Breast Implants with Tummy Tuck*

Procedure Details


Mommy Makeover & Redo Implants

Hear Dr. Decherd Describe This Case

This San Antonio woman had a prior breast aug that was saline via the armpit.  They were 450cc.  In our consultation we decided that her implants were rather narrow for the base width of her breast. By switching to a wider implant this filled out her width better, which you can see in the postoperative cleavage.  The wider implant required more volume, so it sounds a lot bigger, but you can see on the side view does not change the projection tremendously.  We switched to 650cc silicone, and the lateral implant pocket was closed to prevent the implants from falling off to the side when she lays down.  The breast surgery was done via the inframammary fold, which hides nicely.  On the side view you can see that the implants are wider in a vertical dimension, but if you look at the distance the nipple/areola is projected away from the body, there is very little change.

She also had a tummy tuck.  Although at a normal body weight, she had stretched out her muscle fascia and her skin due to two large babies.  A full abdominoplasty with muscle pliaction was performed.  You can see the smaller waist in the postoperative pictures.  


Alamo Heights Surgical Center

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