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Therapeutic Facial Masks in San Antonio, TX

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What Are Therapeutic Facial Masks?

The face is the primary focus of virtually all skin care routines. However, it's difficult to know which products will work for you or even what types to look for. At San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer a wide array of therapeutic facial masks designed to leave your face feeling relaxed and refreshed. Our experienced staff will assess your skin type and needs in order to find the mask that will provide you with the results you seek. Contact our practice in San Antonio, TX to set up an appointment for a facial mask or to complement your upcoming procedure with one.


How are Therapeutic Facial Masks Administered?

Each mask can be customized in order to treat the unique needs of your face. Due to this customization, the exact treatment can vary from patient to patient. However, a member of our staff will walk you through each step of the treatment once we've found the perfect mask for you.

San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute offers several types of therapeutic facial masks, including:

  • Salicylic acid mask: Treats oily to normal acne-prone skin
  • Charcoal mask: Helps to detoxify the skin and shrink pores
  • Oat milk mask: Rehydrates dry, sensitive skin
  • Papaya mask: Revitalizes all skin types

What Results Can I Expect From Therapeutic Facial Masks?

There is no downtime associated with any of our therapeutic facial masks. Patients are free to return to their normal lives at the immediate conclusion of the treatment. In terms of results, they can vary, depending on the type of mask administered. In most cases, however, some results will be noticeable immediately with final results becoming more and more visible within the following days.

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Put your skin care concerns at ease with one of our therapeutic facial masks. Our talented team at San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute in San Antonio, TX is dedicated to providing the very best care for each and every one of our patients. Schedule an appointment today to rejuvenate your skin with a therapeutic facial mask.

*Stock images are models. Case photos are actual patients of this practice. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.