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Ear Surgery in Otoplasty in San Antonio

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San Antonio men and women who visit Dr. Decherd or Dr. Isakson for ear surgery (otoplasty) are tired of dealing with the embarrassment prominent ears can cause. For children, otoplasty surgery can end teasing and boost self-esteem. For adults, otoplasty is liberating — ending years of living with ears that stand out and draw attention away from other facial features. In people whose ears stick out, ear surgery can bring them closer to the head for a more balanced look. Otoplasty can also be performed to reshape ears that are deformed or overly large.

Surgical Technique

The technique used during ear surgery will be determined based on what is being addressed. Some patients have too much ear cartilage while others do not have enough. In the case of protruding ears, excess soft tissue will be trimmed away, and the cartilage will be reformed and supported by splints. The incisions are usually made behind the ear and then sutured. In cases where the cartilage is underdeveloped, which can result in a “hidden ear” appearance, cartilage reshaping will also be involved, but sometimes, tissue grafting is necessary to render volume.

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Otoplasty FAQs

Best Age?

Otoplasty is recommended for children as young as age 5. This is the age just before a child enters elementary school, which can help eliminate teasing. It also ensures that the child is mature enough to handle the surgery both physically and emotionally.

Does It Hurt?

Ear surgery does take some time to recover from, especially for young children who may be prone to itch and touch their ears during the recovery phase. We will prescribe pain medication to help with any discomfort, as well as a post-operative-care treatment plan to help assist the healing phase.

How Fast Are Results?

After surgery, a compression dressing is placed over the ears, typically from the top to the bottom of the head. This is worn during the post-op recovery phase, and once removed, patients will see their results. Follow-up appointments will be staged with Dr. Decherd or Dr. Isakson so that the healing process can be assessed and sutures removed in phases. This is to ensure that the ears will hold securely in their new position.

Lasting Results?

The ears typically mature faster than most other parts of the body. Therefore, once the ears are developed, when a surgical adjustment is made, the results will be lasting. Even as the body changes due to age and gravity, the changes to the ear will be minimal.

One Or Both Ears?

In some cases, misshaped ears will occur with both ears, therefore surgery targets both ears at the same time to ensure symmetry. If a deformity exists in just one ear, the procedure will be targeted to the one ear in question and the shape will be patterned after the normally formed ear.

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