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San Antonio, TX | Tummy Tucks | San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Michael Decherd, a San Antonio plastic surgeon, talks about the tummy tuck procedure.


Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Decherd and I'm a Board Certified plastic surgeon practicing in San Antonio, Texas. I'd like to talk to you quickly about a tummy tuck. People sometimes think that after pregnancy, they can exercise their way back to their pre-pregnancy body but many times they can't because the elasticity in the skin has been stretched out, and not just to the skin but to the underlying fascia. In my mind, a tummy tuck does two things: 1) we remove skin and that fat. Now that leaves a scar but I keep my scar real low where it'll hide under typically underwear; 2) we tighten up the muscles, so my knuckles are far apart but if I sew them together, it tightens everything up and acts as an internal girdle.

This is a very personal procedure for a woman but it's also a very satisfying procedure, and I feel like this has an extremely satisfaction rate. If I can answer any questions about it or talk to you more about it, please let me know. Thank you so much.