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San Antonio, TX | Mommy Makeovers | San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Michael Decherd, a San Antonio plastic surgeon, talks about Mommy Makeover procedures.


Hi, I'm Doctor Michael Decherd, a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in San Antonio, Texas. I'd like to talk to you know about a mommy makeover. I get a lot of interest in this procedure. First off, let me say there's no one mommy makeover. It's obviously a non-specific term. Pregnancy has changes to a woman's body, so I see a lot of women who say, "Doctor, I'm not one of those kind of women who want plastic surgery. This is kind of reconstructive. I've had babies now, and I've lost the volume in my breasts, now my tummy is real loose." There are changes that happen with pregnancy that can't be fixed at the gym.

If you're stretched out in your tummy, the only way to fix that for a lot of women is to remove some of that skin through a tummy tuck or more formally known as an abdominoplasty. When it comes to breasts, some women need implants. Some women need a lift. Sometimes we do liposuction as part of all this. Any combination of these procedures will fall into the broad banner of mommy makeover. It's a rewarding procedure for me to provide because women feel restored to their youth in their pre-pregnancy state many times. If I can answer any questions for you about mommy makeover, please contact me. Thank you so much.