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San Antonio, TX | Mommy Makeover | San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Michael Decherd, a San Antonio plastic surgeon, talks about Mommy Makeover procedures.


[Speaker 1] Welcome back to San Antonia Living. If you’ve got kids it may be time to consider a Mommy Makeover. I know that even I have considered some sort of makeover at some point and so have all of my friends. Joining us to tell us a little bit more, Dr. Decherd is here with the San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute. It’s very good to meet you, thank you for coming today.

[Dr. Decherd] Thank you for having me.

[Speaker 1] I’ve got girlfriends under 30 years old with kids who we have sat around and we’ve talked about what we need to do. We might look good on the outside but everybody has got a secret especially those of us that have had kids. You offer something called the Mommy Makeover. What is that all about?

[Dr. Decherd] Well it’s a general term but it talks about women who have had kids doing things to try to roll back the clock a little bit and restore their body to a pre-pregnancy state. Obviously you can’t do that exactly but I see a whole lot of women who have had kids and they feel like, gee women who get plastic surgery must be different or looking to look real obvious. A lot of women who have had kids just want to roll it back in and are surprised that they’re seeing the almost.

[Speaker 1] When you have kids you’re a little bit shocked what your body comes out looking like after you deliver that baby. It could be someone who was in perfect shape going into labor, coming out something goes wrong.

[Dr. Decherd] Well, I see people who are gym rats who are in great shape who have no body fat but they don’t realize that their fat has been stretched out over their abdomen and their skin is loose and a lot of women get stretch marks and there is no cure for that. We can excise some of that skin and make it a whole lot better.

[Speaker 1] It’s a big confidence downer when you have a particular area of your body that you are not happy with. Do you see women who completely change after they’ve had work done?

[Dr. Decherd] It’s the biggest rush for me to see the difference this stuff can make in peoples’ lives. Everybody understands the physical changes but the emotional and mental changes and how people feel about themselves they just have a new confidence. It’s really fun.

[Speaker 1] This is something too. A lot of people think plastic surgery, well immediately I’m going to come with things much bigger than they were before. You don’t have to aim like that. You can say, I just want to be what I was before, nothing bigger no different and you can go in moderation too.

[Dr. Decherd] Well, absolutely. There is a role for the degree of change that we want to make. Some people only see extreme personalities and that’s a very small part of the bigger pie of people who just look good.

[Speaker 1] Let’s take a look at some before and after pictures because it’s pretty amazing the transformation that women go through. This is again someone who is very thin to begin with and just has that tiny little tummy pouch that I’m sure they wanted to get rid of and it’s amazing the transformation.

[Dr. Decherd] Yeah. Loose hanging skin is something that’s not going to be fixed with exercise. Yes there is a scar but we’d like to get it low where it’ll hide under either a bikini or underwear. These people feel much better about themselves. They can wear form fitting clothes that show off their body as opposed to clothes that are loose to try to hide their body. We’re showing tummies here but there is a role for breast surgery and a lot of liposuction perhaps as well.

[Speaker 1] A lot of women come out of breast feeding with a completely different rack than they went in. Women wonder if you can get it back to what it used to be or will they continue to, can I say sag? I can say sag? I could do whatever I want, right? How do you fix that?.

[Dr. Decherd] Volume lose and sag are a little bit different. If you’re missing volume you need to add volume and that’s usually an implant. If you just need to reposition things and pack things up then that’s usually a lift and that’s going to involve some scars so not everybody wants to do that. That’s fine but the people who do want to do it and get it done are usually pretty happy.

[Speaker 1] Where does the volume go? Who took it? What happens there?