San Antonio, TX | Liposuction | San Antonio Plastic Surgery Institute

In this video, San Antonio plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Decherd, discusses liposuction surgery.


Liposuction is a great thing for people but there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. Liposuction works in a specific way and the party line on this, and it's true, is it's not a weight loss plan. It's a plan to reshape a specific body area. My favorite areas to do it, for example, the outer thighs because a lot of women have a nice hourglass curve but then, they've got this saddle bag and that's something that a lot of times, liposuction can fix.

Sometimes, we'll see a man who has got very low body fat percentage but for various reasons, has some excess tissue on the chest and that is someone who, many times, will in combination with liposuction and maybe a little bit of direct surgical removal of some tissue, help reshape the chest.

Honestly, not everybody is a great candidate for liposuction and here's what you need. For liposuction to work, you need to have good skin tone. Liposuction is really good for reshaping a specific body area. For example, outer thighs, inner thighs, knee area, love handles. Those are all good areas. It's really not a weight loss plan.

If somebody has a lot of generalized fat, that's not going to work well. If somebody has lost a bunch of weight, liposuction may not work well because liposuction only removes fat and the skin, it's not going to retract. They probably need an excisional surgery that removes fat and skin.